Update 1.27.0

Cardano-node version 1.27.0 successfully tested on tested. During test period no issues were found.

1.27.0 will gradually be ported to our mainnet nodes

Thank you Cardano Foundation!

A big thank you to the Cardano Foundation who selected us for their current delegation cycle.

We put a lot of effort maintaining our servers and making sure we keep making blocks no matter what.
Next to making blocks we are, to put it in the words of IO, also working on some birds of our own.
Currently this is still in early stages but we hope to bring out some more news about that very soon.

Update 1.26.2

On Thursday almost all stakepools were affected by an unexpectedly long pause at the epoch boundary.

After further investigation by IO, they concluded this was due to the node repeating a computation that should have been done just once at the epoch boundary.

As per recommendations by IO all nodes are now upgraded to 1.26.2.

News Feed

We are not always posting updates but rest assured, in the background we are constantly working to improve.

Update 1.26.1

Cardano-node version 1.26.1 successfully tested on tested. During test period no issues were found. As suggested by IO we now also upgraded our production nodes.

Update 1.25.1

Cardano-node version 1.25.1 successfully tested on tested. During test period no issues were found. Version is currently ported to our mainnet nodes.

All nodes are ready for upcoming Mary protocol update scheduled at the 1ste of March.

Relay downtime

Last night we had a sync issue of about 30 minutes. Our monitoring system alerted us so we could take quick action. Luckily our automated scripts took all of the work out of our hands we just had to wait for the scripts to kick in and do their work.

Although downtime was only 30 minutes it seems that there is something wrong with the telegram bot from ADApools.org which showed a much larger downtime which of course is not correct.

Even now, after more than 8 hours, ADApools bot still have not notified us about the restored relays. To avoid this misleading info we contacted ADApools. Hopefully they can give us some more feedback on why messages are delayed and/or not being send thus giving the misleading information of malfunctioning nodes.

Slot assignment

Normally we do not post a lot about slot assignments but since our latest block was from 2 epochs ago we wanted to assure you that pool is still running as it supposed to. We simply just had the bad luck that the lottery did not assigned us any slots. Luckily we have a new slot for this epoch in a couple of days!

Disaster recovery tests

TIme to discuss the disaster recovery plan - Disaster Girl | Meme Generator

Today we are performing some controlled disaster recovery tests. For this some relays will be temporarily unavailable (no block minting will be at risk). At the same time we are performing the DR tests we are also evaluating if our alerting system is functioning as expected.

New firewalls

Added industrial-graded firewalls. This will allow greater protection and better control over the network flows. For security reasons we will not disclose which one we selected but lets say it is recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls.

Gartner Enterprise Network Firewall MQ Image